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Luminous Bloom Collection

Image of Luminous Bloom Collection


LUMINOUS BLOOM is a trilogy of handmade artist books. Each volume features twelve B/W photographs of abstract floral studies and is an expression of line, form, shape, and tonality.

“Linda Morrow’s books - POPPY, CALLA, and ANGEL TRUMPET— are a stunning launch into the handmade book arena. The three-part series, Luminous Bloom, juxtaposes fragile and affecting black and white floral imagery with Margaret Langhans’ poetic meditations. Under the subtle fabric covers, striking photos featured in these artist books are created through multiple exposures, bringing animation and shimmer to the graphic palette. Combined with her masterful printing and elegant presentation, the collection sets a standard for handheld, thoughtful explorations of subject through photographs and text.”

-Aline Smithson; Editor of Lenscratch, curator, educator, photographer